Portugal HQA Visa Vs. Golden Visa Vs. D7 Visa


The most common question we are asked is how Portugal’s HQA Visa program differs from a Golden Visa. To be honest there are quite a few differences but it really boils down to 3 main differences – Processing time, cost, and the activities associated with the visa.

  • Processing time: The HQA Visa’s processing time is currently just 3 months, while currently the Golden Visa is tracking 2 years (as of May 2022).
  • Cost: The Golden Visa’s investment costs are significantly higher than an HQA Visa. The lowest investment requirement for a Golden Visa is  280K (and this must be invested in a touristic project that grants guaranteed annual returns and or guaranteed buyback in the same amount initially invested). The HQA Visa on the other hand has a €175K cost and your funds are invested in an innovative business of your choosing.
  • Activities Associated: The HQA Visa Program is custom built for entrepreneurs who are interested in building a new business in Portugal. The Golden Visa is more geared toward real estate investors and those simply looking to make a capital investment.

Our partners at Empowered Startups have created an easy chart that breaks down the key differences between the three programs. You can view the chart here: https://empoweredstartups.com/portugal-golden-visa-vs-hqa-visa-vs-d7-visa/


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