University of the Algarve invites 4 more HQA applicants

October 4 2020 –

Southern Portugal’s University of the Algarve invited four more accomplished international executives to join their HQA program, managed by partner business incubator Empowered Startups.

The HQA execs will oversee R&D ventures in fintech and alt-energy tech, to secure residency in Portugal, as part of the region’s strategic plan to develop innovation clusters in these sectors. The Algarve region, renowned for its spectacular beaches, has long been a favorite among tourists and affluent expats. Local authorities favor the HQA program as a way to diversify the region’s primarily tourism-based economy.

HQA program ventures launching at the University of the Algarve benefit from the university’s strong support, including a business address on the campus.

– Empowered Startups Portugal