Americans, Indians driving interest in HQA

28 July 2021 –

C-suite executives based in India are increasingly favoring the Portugal HQA visa program, following the lead of their American counterparts.

Indian nationals interested in EU citizenship, who lead existing businesses in India, are recognizing the value of launching an EU-based business endorsed by EU universities, that is linked to their businesses in India.

American senior executives quickly identified the opportunities of the HQA program, at the program’s inception in 2019. Notable uptick in interest from affluent Americans began over the course of the US 2020 election campaign, and has increased further as the populist political movement in the U.S. has continued to hold sway in that country’s political climate.

Portugal’s strong links to both India and the USA, coupled with its stable pro-business government, position the country as a highly attractive option for EU citizenship.

– Empowered Startups Portugal